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The Grateful Dudes play at

Vincenzo's Pizza 
 24504 Lyons Ave.
Newhall, CA 91321Vincenzo's Pizza
on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.

To help support keeping LIVE BLUEGRASS MUSIC in the Santa Clarita area, 
please attend that night and purchase lots of pizza, salads and beer. 

Also, remember the TIP JAR!



 For those who really enjoy Bluegrass Music or would like to jam with other Bluegrass Musicians:

Bluegrass Association of Southern California
The Monthly Bluegrass Jam
The Second Sunday of Every Month from Noon to 4 PM at

Vincenzo's Pizza in Newhall, California
 24504 Lyons Ave., Newhall, CA 91321

Everyone is welcome to jam or just still back, listen, have a cold beer or a slice of delicious pizza.

Grateful Dudes History

 Rodger Phillips and Scott Micale first met in the early 80's when they joined a band called"Pacific Light Opry".

Barry Berkowitz was the originator and was a bit put off when the band was billed at the Banjo Cafe in Santa Monica as the "PLO". Barry quickly changed the name of the band to "High Strung".

Over the years, there were many band members who came and went, but all remained good friends (except Barry).

In the late 80's, Rodger and Scott started playing at Vincenzo's Pizzeria in Newhall, California as the "Grateful Dudes" with Ron Sutton on dobro, Tom Corbett on mandolin, and Rob Carlson on bass.

Around 1993, Ron and Tom left the band and fiddler player, Dennis Fetchet joined. Rob Carlson left after a few more years to pursue song writing. He was replaced by Bill Bryson, who had played with Dennis in the "Bluegrass Cardinals".

About 2012, Scott Micale left the band, due to health issues and was often replaced by Herb Pedersen on guitar.

In 2013, Dennis Fetchet was seen less often (due to a permanent Saturday commitment at Knott's Berry Farm). In 2017, regular bass player, Bill Bryson passed away and has been replaced by various bass players, but mostly by Dean Knight

The current Grateful Dude line-up has become a "cornacopia" of various bluegrass musician under founder, Rodger Phillips

The current line-up of Grateful Dudes includes Rodger Phillips, Dean Knight, Phil Salazaar, David Dickey lll and Jerry Kincaid.

Over the years, many great musicians have played with the Dudes at Vincenzo's as guest players or "sub-dudes".

They include Dean Knight [bass], the late Dick Fegy [mandolin], the late John Schlocker [banjo], Bob Applebaum [mandolin], Pat Sauber [mandolin], Tom Sauber [fiddle], Ross Landry [guitar/mandolin], Bill Knoft [banjo], Kenny Blackwell [mandolin], Phil Salazaar [fiddle], Tony Recuipido [guitar], Walden Dahl [guitar], Andrew Paddock [bass], Rudy Epstein [bass], Herb Pedersen [guitar/banjo], Roger Reed [guitar], Chris Hillman [mandolin], Kirk Wall [guitar/fiddle],  Dave Dickey III [mando], Ross Landry {mando] and Leroy Mack [dobro].​



 Bill Bryson and Herb Pederson on KTLA with Laurel Canyon Ramblers singing “Rambler’s Blues”

Dennis Fetchet and Rob Carlson singing “Bruno”

Dennis Fetchet doing “Scotland & Little Red Haired Boy” with guest, Pat Sauber

Walden Dahl and The Dudes doing “Like A Rolling Stone”

Herb Pederson doing “A Good Women’s Love” with guest Dean Knight on bass

Chris Hillman [of the Byrds] and The Grateful Dudes doing “Eight Miles High”

Herb Pederson and The Grateful Dudes doing Herb’s hit, “Wait A Minute”

Roland White & the Grateful Dudes doing “Blue Moon of Kentucky"

Old Video of longtime Grateful Dudes in 2006

Dennis Fetchet and the Grateful Dudes doing “Orange Blossom Special”

Hoyt Axton and his band with a young Dennis Fetchet playing “Della and the Dealer”

Bill Bryson with the Brombies playing “Medals for Mothers”

For more videos, go to and do a search on The Grateful Dudes!


The Grateful Dudes Musical History

Rodger Phillips


 Rodger Phillips 

(one of the founding members)

Rodger plays the banjo, sings lead, backup and tenor and is the leader of the Grateful Dudes. Rodger Phillips is the founder, and leader of the Grateful Dudes. Rodger plays 5-string Banjo, Scruggs style, and sings the high tenor in the 'Dudes. 

Rodger joined a band called ‘Pacific Light Opry’in the early eighties. (Rodger met Scott Micale when Scott also joined the band.)  Barry Berkowitz was the originator, and was a bit put off when the band was billed at the Banjo Café in Santa Monica as the "PLO". Barry quickly changed the name of the band to   ‘High Strung’. Rodger was also involved with the LA Dogs band briefly.

In the late eighties, Rodger (and Scott) started playing at Vincenzo’s as ‘The Grateful Dudes’, and Rodger has been playing there ever since.

Bill Bryson


 Bill Bryson 

(Deceased long time member)

Bill plays bass, sings lead, back-up and tenor, and is the emcee for the Grateful Dudes. 

Bill Bryson plays bass, sings lead and tenor, and is the emcee for the Grateful Dudes. Bill has an impressive musical resume: A veteran musician with an impressive 30+ year career, Bill started playing in the 1960’s.

In the 1970’s, the Bluegrass Cardinals shuffled through countless lineups and proved a springboard for many bluegrass musicians, including fiddler, Dennis Fetchet; bassist, Bill Bryson, and mandolinist, Larry Stephenson. They recorded several albums in the late '70s and early '80s for the CMH label with these and a slew of other fine musicians as well as making several appearances on the Grand Ole Opry before settling with Sugar Hill Records for three albums between 1983-1986.

From 1977 to 1984, Bill played with the group, Country Gazette. He also played with the Dilliards along with Herb Pederson.

In 1985, Bill played in the Desert Rose Band with Herb Pederson on banjo and guitar; John Jorgenson on guitar; Jay Dee Maness on steel guitar; and Steve Duncan on drums.

In the 1990’s, Bill played with Bluegrass Etc along with Dennis Caplinger on vocals and fiddle; and John Moore on vocal, mandolin and guitar.

In 2003, Bill appeared in a television commercial for Cingular Wireless along with friends, Dennis Caplinger, Herb Pederson, Kenny Blackwell and Sarah Watkins which aired nationwide for several weeks. He also joined Leroy McNees in a group called Leroy Mack & Friends along with Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson and Gabe Witcher.

A talented songwriter, Bryson wrote several tunes for the Bluegrass Cardinals including "Riding on the L & N" and "Girl at the Crossroads," which was also covered by Larry Sparks and Jerry Garcia.

Although retired, Bill worked with the Grateful Dudes, the Laurel Canyon Ramblers, playing bass and singing with Chris Hillman and Herb Peterson, the Rice brothers, and other California and Nashville- based bluegrass performers, as well as The Brombies with George and Jo Ellen Doering and Pat Sauber or Rick Storey. Bill "went home to be with the Lord" on Sunday afternoon, April 30, 2017. 

Dennis Fetchet


 Dennis Fetchet 

(long time member)

Dennis plays the fiddle and mandolin and sings lead and back-up.

A disciple in the true bluegrass tradition, Dennis Fetchet has been playing violin since he was a child. After a brief time away from the violin to play baseball, he took it back up in 1970 as a teen but originally played the mandolin and guitar. He was influenced by The Dillards.

In 1978 joined Hoyt Axton's band  traveling the country and several world tours as well as recording with Hoyt. In 1994, Hoyt suffered a stroke and the band was dismantled. He has played as a studio back-up for such diverse artists as Tanya Tucker and Weird Al Yankovic He has also made several appearances at the Grand Old Opry, Farm Aid and bluegrass festivals all over the country. He can be read fiddling in the soundtrack of the Movie"Back to the Future III" with Michael J. Fox. [Just listen during the old time dance scene when Z.Z. Top are playing.] 

Dennis has played with several bluegrass bands over his career including The Wild Hickory Nuts, LA Fiddle Band, The Bluegrass Cardinals and the Southland Bluegrass Band.

Dennis is an original member of the group that began playing in the late 1980's in Disneyland's Bear Country as Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. In 1994, following the closure of the Golden Horseshoe Jamboree Show, Billy Hill and the HIllbillies were moved into the Golden Horseshoe Saloon where they performed their 10,000th show on February 6, 2003. Dennis also worked at the Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California with Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. He left the band in April, 2019. Dennis only occasionally plays with the Grateful Dudes now, as time allows. 

Herb Pedersen


 Herb Pedersen

Herb plays banjo and guitar and sings lead and back-up.

Herb Pedersen is a first class musician, guitarist, banjo player, and singer-songwriter who has played a variety of musical styles over the last 40 years including country, bluegrass, progressive bluegrass, folk, country rock and has worked with numerous musicsians in many different bands.

Pedersen oftens performs with Chris Hillman and both were once members of the Desert Rose Band. Pederson also fronted his own band, the Laurel Canyon Ramblers. Besides this, Pedersen has also worked with the following musicians and groups: Pine Valley Boys, Earl Scruggs, The Dilliards, Smokey Grass Boys, Old and in the Way, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Tony Rice, Dan Fogelberg, Stephen Stills, Linda Ronstadt, Kris Krisofferson, John Prine, Jackson Browne, John Denver, John Jorgenson and Leland Sklar, among others.

Among his recordings are 1976's Southwest on Epic Records, 1977's Sandman also on Epic Records and 1995's Lonesome Feeling on Sugar Hill Records. Herb occasionally plays with The Dudes when time allows. 

Scott Micale


To be added soon!

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 Over the years, there have been many Past Dudes & Sub-Dudes including:

Scott Micale [co-founder], 

Dave Dickey III, 

John Schlocker [RIP], 

Rob Carlson, 

Chris Hillman, 

Ross Landry, 

Jerry Kincaid, 

Ricky Woods, 

Dean Knight, 

Dick Fegy [RIP], 

Brantley Kearns, 

Darryl Boom, 

Bill Carter, 

Bob Applebaum, 

Andrew Poddock, 

Pat Sauber, 

Tom Sauber, 

Dave Richardson, 

Bill Peck, 

Kirk Wall, 

Duane Michaels, 

Bill Knoft, 

Tony Recuipdo, 

Walden Dahl, 

Leroy Mack, 

Phil Salazaar, 

Tom Corbett,

 Roland White, 

Eric White [RIP]

Roger Wicher.